Accent Frames
Accent Frames

Glass Specifications

Regular Glass

2mm glass perfect for custom framing projects where ultraviolet protection and glare prevention is not critical.

Non-glare glass

One-sided, acid-etched, non-glare reduces unwanted glare, even in the harshest light.

Consvervation clear glass

UV-Blocking Glass that is neutral in color. Blocks 98% of harmful UV Rays (300-380Nm). The coated side has a protective plastic film that resists scratches.

UV Non-glare glass

UV-Blocking Non-Glare glass combines protection and performance by diffusing reflected light. The non-glare side has outstanding clarity. You will see the artwork without harsh glare or distortion.

Museum glass

Blocks 98% of damaging UV light and has less than 1% light reflection.

Claryl glass

Anti-reflective water-white glass with amazing clarity. Easy to clean and you can put either side against the artwork.